Thursday, December 19, 2013

prPIG Partnering With EFF To Help Civilize Electronic Frontier

Effort brings new attention to critical Internet freedoms, including privacy and security.

As the Puerto Rico Python Internet Group (prPIG) completes its’ first year of meetings and activities, the software development user community is partnering with the Electronic Frontier Foundation to help spread the word about the EFF, their mission, and work.

In addition to becoming an affiliate member of the EFF, prPIG will actively conduct meetings to share EFF prepared materials to the Puerto Rico software development community.  The EFF provides a timely “Take Action” center on their web page where citizens can actively engage citizens to help inform netizens about hot issues.  

prPIG is dedicated to ensure that the local software development community is exposed to the EFF, their work, and the valuable information they publish.  This material covers a wide range of issues likely applicable to technology professionals, such as blogger’s legal rights, coder’s rights, and ripped from the headlines, the EFF’s fight against NSA's Warrantless Surveillance.

About Puerto Rico Python Interest Group

The Puerto Rico Python Interest Group (prPIG) is the leading software development user community in Puerto Rico. Our mission is to create a sustainable user community for software development in Puerto Rico.  With more than 170 members, the prPIG has successfully organized 18 activities and meetings during 2013.


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