Monday, October 7, 2013

Two quick things to talk about...

Greetings fellow Pythonistas! We got two cool things to talk about!

First prPIG is hosting a Sprints and Workshop day this saturday October 12, 2013. Our workshop will be focused on beginning and intermediate python users. Our other track will be Python sprints.

Sprints in the Python world are a get together for 3 to 5 days of programmers interested in working on an open source project. In our case our sprints will be 1 day long. These are recommended for intermediate to advanced Python devs but are open to all!

Currently we need more attendees, sprint projects, and tutorials for the workshops. If you have ideas, want to give a tutorial, or want to participate please check out:

Second at prPIG we've been getting many request on teaching beginning Python. Although this is a group interest and we are giving a Starting off with Python tutorial at our workshop, we think some people do this better than us. You know like the folks at Coursera! Coursera just open what looks to be a great course: An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python and I invite everyone who is interested in beginning with Python to not only come to our workshop but also enroll.

During the week we will be posting the confirmed tutorials and sprints for our Sprints and Workshop day.


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